The devil is out here running amuck. We need to look no further than our current administration to see the evidence.  We have a President that is a racist and a bigot and only concerned about himself. Not only is he a nuisance and a thorn in everyone’s side in America, but he is hell-bent on agitating other world leaders possibly sending us to the brink of war. Our country needs some serious help and it appears that our only hope relies upon one another. Now more than ever we need to be a united front against the tyranny of our time.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a great example of someone who refused to let the political climate of the time and the absurdity of fools deter him from pursuing justice. His speeches dared us to not only put our hope in God but in each other. His legacy teaches us that when we as a people unify to eradicate social injustices, that together we can change and shape the world.  Dr. King believed wholeheartedly that each one us possess the power to make change just as he did. 

Racially not much has changed since Dr. King’s I Have A Dream speech nearly 55 years ago. There are people in office now working on taking us back to days of Jim Crow.  Dr. King challenged us to take action and make tangible differences in our communities so that we aren’t relegated to a status of oppression.  Honoring him today is a reminder that service and action are still needed and pertinent to the advancement and betterment of our communities.  Do not become so distracted or involved in your day to day that you fail to pay attention to the policies that are being formed around you. Satan wants us to be distracted. Pay attention to your local elections, go to town hall meetings, join local civic groups, heck watch the news and become an informed citizen. We need everyone to invoke the spirit of Dr. King to help us get through the next couple of years with Trump. Reflect on Dr. King’s life and legacy as an inspiration to become an agent for change in your community. Get Involved!