Most people either really really love Tyler Perry or they really really hate him. I’m indifferent. I don’t like Madea movies but I do watch that stupid The Haves and Have Nots (might be my last season for that tho). Tyler Perry’s films are just awful. Bad production. Bad writing. Bad characters with bad acting. It’s the same storyline and plot repackaged in every film. But for some reason, I thought Acrimony would be different because it was marketed as a suspense thriller. It’s not. But, in my opinion, it is his best film yet and here’s why.
Acrimony premiered in theaters on March 30th. The plot as listed on the website is “A faithful wife (Taraji P. Henson) tired of standing by her devious husband (Lyriq Bent) is enraged when it becomes clear she has been betrayed.” But that’s not at all what the movie is really about. The movie begins with a courtroom scene in which the judge sentenced Henson to a court-appointed therapist because of a restraining order violation. From that point on the movie is narrated by Henson’s character recounting events on the couch of a psychiatrist. She says something like, everytime a Black woman gets angry she’s a stereotype and I am not a stereotype. She paints her husband as a manipulative, deceitful, cheater. So you’re set up to believe that there is some legitimacy behind her rage. The husband isn’t devious and there is no betrayal and in the end, Henson’s behavior is completely illogical and psychotic. I don’t want to give away the plot so I will leave it at that.


The production value is poor. There appears to be some type of film over the lens which gives it a lack of sharpness. There are several cheesy green screen shots with bad keying. The plot and storyline lack continuity because it didn’t stick with the initial premise in the beginning.
Even with all that, I still think it’s the best Perry has done because I can see growth. Now that growth may be minuscule, but I can see it. There were no bad actors in the film. Although I do wish Henson wasn’t the main character. In my opinion, her stardom as transcended these types of roles. We know that she can play crazy well. I hate to see her in this film that critically bombed. She should get back to better roles like those in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Hidden Figures.
Even though the storyline ventured into a crazy place, the writing was better than his previous films. I could see where he was going with the plot but it still missed the mark. The character development was better. They weren’t just one sided evil and good. The stereotypes weren’t as obivious as his other films (that could be argued tho). And yall know that TP films can be overly preachy in christian morality and this movie didn’t have that at all. In fact, I don’t think there was a theme and I could appreciate that!
TP has a loyal fan base. They were in full force at the movie theater with their “mmm hmmms” and “oh no girls”. These fans are going to support his projects no matter what. One thing that is undeniable is that Tyler Perry has a formula and he is cashing in on that formula. I dont think his goal is to ever become an Oscar award winning director or writer. The movie made $17M its opening weekend. He sticks to his formula and people seem to like it. You might be thinking that I didn’t give you much reason to see the film, but it really isn’t that bad considering the slew of other bad TP films. I want you to see it and share your thoughts in the comments because I really want to talk about the plot holes with yall. So look at the bootleg copy on your Amazon Firestick but don’t waste your money seeing it in the theaters.