Cardi B is out here living her best life. Her debut album “Invasion of Privacy” has been streamed more than 100 million times on Apple Music, shattering the platform’s record for the most first-week streams by a female artist. She performed at Coachella this past weekend. She is washpoppin currently. This regular degular girl from the Bronx is a walking testimony of what God has for you is for you. Her story and career trajectory has inspired and motivated me and here’s how:

  1. Your dream is exclusively and specifically tailored for you – When God puts a dream or a vision in your heart, it’s personal. Some things aren’t meant to be shared but when you’re excited and passionate about something, it can’t be helped. But not everyone will share your same enthusiasm. There will always be someone who will hate you. It’s inevitable. Your haters will find every reason under the sun why you don’t deserve the light. They will look at your current circumstances and set limitations on your vision. This will have you questioning and second-guessing yourself. But here is the thing, God’s sovereignty over your life is not predicated on anyone else. He doesn’t need anyone to grant you permission to do the thing He has planned for you. He can make it happen all by himself. If you and God are aligned with your vision and purpose then you can guarantee His faithfulness will see it to fruition.
  2. If you stay ready you ain’ got to get ready – Although it may seem like her success is overnight, it isn’t. Cardi B has been on the scene for a minute, even before Love and Hip Hop. She has been working on her craft and taking advantage of opportunities that would lead her to this very moment. When you have a dream that you’re passionate about you want it to manifest itself right away. But you gotta put in the work. Hone your craft. Develop and build certain skills needed to get you where you want to go. That way when you get the call you know for sure that you’re the right man for the job. This process can take much longer than we hope but God’s timing is always perfect.card b 1 gif
  3. Be yourself – I’ve already mentioned on the blog before how Black women are a devalued and underappreciated. We are expected to be all things to all people. This type of unrealistic expectation doesn’t allow for our own unique and varied personalities to flourish. White evangelical heterosexual norms have dictated what is acceptable and good in our society and anything that deviates from those standards are heavily scrutinized. Although she’s very charismatic which has aided in the rise of her star power, people have criticized Cardi’s behavior, speech, and actions. Everyone has an opinion on who she should be. I saw a comment one time that Cardi should act more ladylike. By whose standards though? If you allow it, people will always try to relegate you to a box to fit their need. Cardi B is unpolished. She mispronounces words, curses, and says things that will make you clutch your proverbial pearls. I love that about her. It’s a reminder that you can never go wrong in life by being your authentic true self. Again, God’s sovereignty allows for it. original.gif

Reflect on these gems as you’re continuing on your journey to make your dreams come true. Cardi B may not be an angel but there is no doubt that she has God’s blessing on her life. Her life is serving as an example of staying the course until the end because it’s well worth it.

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