This past Mother’s Day weekend Will Packer Productions released its latest action thriller film, Breaking In featuring Gabrielle Union. The movie did well, in terms of box office numbers. It surpassed its $16M budget, grossing nearly $18M for its opening weekend. But that’s no surprise since Will Packer Productions produce solid movies that do well at the box office like, Girls Trip, Think Like a Man, Ride Along, Almost Christmas and countless others. WIll Packer Productions is one of the few larger production companies catered to producing Black films. It has done a great job of bringing Black actors to the big screen that we may not otherwise see.
So naturally, it was a no-brainer that I would go see Breaking In and overall it was pretty decent. Union’s character, Shaun Russell and her two children travel to her 25-acre childhood home to prepare it for sale after the death of her father. While there, the family encounters a group of bandits looking to rob the home of a large amount of cash locked in a safe. Thus ensues a predictable amount of cliche scenes of Shaun using her natural instincts to try and save her children. The movie does lack character and plot development and I’m not sure if this is intentional but it left more to be desired. There is hardly any backstory into the character’s lives. The audience is led to assume that Shaun’s father was some sort of criminal that made a lot of many. Like enough money to afford a 25-acre remote home in the woods with a souped-up fully automated security system, plus a lavish luxury downtown apartment. But even with all that, there were no guns in the house so Shaun could shoot the robbers?!.

But I guess that would have made for a short film. We kinda pick up on the fact that Shaun is well aware of her father’s criminal history and that perhaps prior to his death they did not have the best relationship. Other than that, that’s all you’re going to get as far as the plot goes. Don’t go to the theaters expecting to get any Black culture references and or anything like that. The writer and director of the movie are both White. Not that it really matters. I personally feel like Will Packer Productions films do not necessarily specifically cater to the Black experience but the collective shared human experience. I think with several of their films anyone from any race or ethnicity could easily be swiped into character’s role and everyone could all relate. Like a mother going to extreme lengths to protect her children or a group of girlfriends getting away for the weekend and laughing at the hilarity hijinks they ensue. This sort of assimilation is not a bad thing. We want to see African American actors, writers, producers, and directors employed at that same level and precedence as White counterparts. The success of films like Breaking In demonstrate that Black actors can produce and lead in box office hits just as well as others.
I am excited to see the young up and coming actress Ajiona Alexus, who plays Union’s daughter Jasmine Russell rise to stardom. This is her second major motion picture this year, as we seen her prior in Tyler Perry’s Acrimony, which I reviewed here. This young lady has also been seen on Empire playing young Cookie Lyon and Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. She’s doing some good work and I am glad to see new talent on the screen.

Ajiona Alexus

But on another note, Black people, Black people, Black people… I love us for real! #Monique but y’all really do make me sick at the movie theater. And it’s not the fact that you talk aloud during the movie, or that you leave your cell phones on to ring and chime, I can’t stand y’all because you bring yo dadgum babies and toddlers to the movies.

This lady brought her toddler to the movie and just as expected, the baby was talking and crying and moving all around the movie theater. It was clear that the little girl did not want to sit quietly in her seat. Why would she be expected to do so, she’s a toddler. So what did the mother do, she gets up in the aisle and lets her child run up and down the aisle. But to make matters worse this lady had 50 million bangles on her arm, so the entire time the baby is talking and running and her bracelets are clinging and clanging with every move. The same thing happened when I went to see Black Panther. This toddler talked the entire movie. The entire movie. Had it not been my 3rd time seeing it, I would have been really pissed. LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME!!