We’re halfway through the year. How are we doing on our goals? Are you still even working towards them?

Admittingly, at the beginning of the year, I thought I’d overextended myself with the blog, the podcast and the other creative projects I committed myself to. Not to mention still trying to find a full-time job, manage relationships, and other personal developments, I thought for sure that something was going to fall by the wayside and nothing would get done. But as I completed season 1 of Black and Behind the Scenes, I felt extremely proud. As I relished in my accomplishment, I had a full circle moment that brought me back to an earlier post I’d written and that is consistency is key. That’s usually the only separation between those who thrive and are successful and other people who sit on the sideline.
I know so many who have started blogs, podcasts, or other projects and never followed through because they let things derail them. Life gets busy real quick and distractions can take up so much of our time. It’s easy to let other things absorb your energy and keep you from fully committing to your goal. But you’ve gotta stay disciplined. Take the blog for example. As much as I try to have posts written in advance, I sometimes fall short because other stuff gets in the way of my writing time. Plus, I be tired all the time. LOL. But I always post every week, because that’s what I committed myself to do. I’ve learned to manage my energy. Because I have committed myself to so much this year, I make sure that I don’t allow drama, BS and other distractions outside of my goals take up too much of my time or energy. This has been especially helpful in eliminating BS, drama, and distractions. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat
As I mentioned in the past post, consistency requires planning. I have reminders, calendar invites, lists and tasks. I actively plan out the blog posts and Motivate Me Monday posts as well as my social media posts (although I fail at that). I have also written about tools that help keep you organized. I recently discovered a new tool that my friend introduced me to called agile project management. This is tool helps to keep tasks and workflow easy to look at and manage.

Seriously, how are you doing with your goals? What have you accomplished? I wanna know!

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