I was reading a blog post the other day in which the author candidly confessed that she was tired of healing from hurts people have inflicted upon her and those she had done to herself. She mentioned that as soon as she gets healed from one pain another wound seems to pop up. Sometimes it feels like that. This work is ongoing. Even, if you’re not personally dealing with a challenge then you know someone in your immediate circle that is. And even that can be a taxing burden.

The devil stays busy. And just as we have angels in our midst sent from God to protect us, the devil has his demonic spirits to make sure we stay weak. They seek to rob our joy and distract us from our purpose. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like the enemy doesn’t get the best of me sometimes. That’s because the devil knows our triggers and how to push our buttons. Keeping a positive mindset is very important, but that’s easier said than done. That’s why I created this blog to keep us in a mindset needed to fight the real enemy.  In addition to the blog posts and the affirmations, I created an empowering playlist to help us stay in the right frame of mind. In the playlist, you will find a mixture of gospel and secular music. These songs help to affirm who and Whose I am. I hope you are as lifted as I am when I listen to this.