The practice of self-care and self-love has been dominating the space of wellness and mental health for a few years now. People are making their emotional and mental well being a priority. The removal of toxic habits and people is a key element in the practice of self-care. There is a heavy emphasis on getting rid of the things that cause stress and anxiety, including the disposal of the people. But not everyone in our lives is disposable.

We absolutely cannot live in isolation and go through life alone without the assistance, care, love, and help of other people. In fact, that is the opposite of self-love and self-care. We have to learn how to navigate spaces and be in relationships with one another. It is paramount to our survival. Removing toxic people from our lives is very important but maintaining healthy relationships is equally important to your well being.

Don’t live your life this way! Talk to people!!!

And because I understand the importance of these relationships I recently thought during a moment of self-reflection, of the ways I can practice mindfulness in my relationships. We rarely have conversations about practicing mindfulness in our relationships. Mindfulness is a deliberate attitude that helps you to be more open and compassionate which allows you to be more present and connected to others.

In a day and age of digital connectedness, it can be difficult to ascertain if you’re truly being engaged with your relationships. The idea of keeping up with someone, via a social media like or comment, can give the false impression that you are attuned to what’s going on in others’ lives. However, we all know that social media is a contrived narrative usually skewed to be a positive one. 

So I decided that one of the ways I am going to endeavor to be present and practice mindfulness in my relationship is through open prayers. 

I can recall conversations with a friend or a loved one in which they were experiencing difficulties and my response being “I’ll keep you in my prayers”

We all know that people roll off the tongue easily, “Imma pray for you” and you’re left wondering if they actually did it or are going to do it. Chances are them saying “imma pray for you” is the prayer. However, I genuinely do pray for those I say this phrase to. But how can they be assured of this? That’s why I am going to offer on the spot prayers. That way you know the love is real.

I personally appreciate a good prayer when I am going through trials and tribulations. In my opinion, prayer is one of the most comforting gifts a friend could give. I acknowledge that to others, this may not be as comforting to someone who is in need of a real tangible thing that could help them out of their situation. However, most of the time I don’t have that tangible thing. But what I do have is the power of prayer. I know for a fact that it works.  

Philippians 2:3-4

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourself.

Knowing that you have people interceding for you, praying on your behalf is no better way than practicing mindfulness and showing genuine care, love, and concern in our relationships. I challenge you to find a way to practice mindfulness in your relationships.