Hey Queen, I’m Brittany!

Hey Queen, I’m Brittany!

Blogger. Entrepreneur. Unicorn.

Thank God for trials and tribulations that catapult you into new phases in life. Black Girl Affirmed was conceived during one of those times. I was unemployed, directionless, broke with a rack of debt and completely unsure of myself. The internal monologue in my mind was on a constant loop of negativity. I was berating myself day and night. I was angry, disappointed, confused and sad. 


Thankfully after lots of prayers, meditation and reconnecting myself to Christ, I rediscovered my purpose, passion, and re-affirmed who I am and whose I am. I came to the revelation that my validation comes from the power of God only. But in order for me to have gotten to that place, I had to combat those negatives thoughts and challenge the insecurities that plagued me for years. I started a prayer wall, revamped my vision board, and wrote affirming messages on my bathroom mirror. It’s oftentimes not the external circumstances that bring us down but the emotional turmoil that do us in. The devil will try every trick in the book to keep you in a place of emotional bondage and from living the abundant life God has planned. But not today Satan! I rebuke thee and you can’t rob me of my joy anymore.


I surrounded myself with thoughts, quotes and scriptures that gave me inspiration, encouragement, and reminded me that with God’s help I can be the person He destined me to be. Even though as I write this page, I am still in the midst of my trial but I have love, joy, supportive family and friends. Staying positive is hard to do, that’s why I created this blog as an outlet to remind me that at all times I am always surrounded by His grace and despite it all, I am blessed. But most importantly, I want this blog to serve as an inspirational platform for young black women to have a place to go to when you need to be reminded that you are Beautiful, Strong, Loved, Glorious and Affirmed by my love and God’s.

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