I believe that every day the Devil constructs an opportunity to throw us off our game. He wants us angry, bitter, weak, insecure, and despondent. It’s difficult to quell the negativity. That’s why I use affirmations to silence the doubt. For me affirmations are like a duet that sings in harmony with the negativity. Whenever those thoughts start to creep in, I like to read or listen to affirmations. When used regularly it helps to keep you motivated and positive. When your mindset is in a good space, you’re able to achieve the insurmountable.

To affirm someone means to validate and provide emotional support and encouragement. I created these affirmations for both you and I because we need each other. We need each other to be strong. We need each other to confirm the truth about ourselves. And that truth is: We are and forever will be the Queens God destined us to be.