Menstrual Cup Review

***Warning*** In this post we’re talking about PERIODS. *gasp* So if you are disgusted, turned off, or offended about talking about menstrual cycles then do not read beyond this point.

I absolutely hate my period. It’s like the worst thing ever to contend with. Since the day I started my cycle in 5th grade I’ve always dreaded when aunt flo came to town. I hated wearing those large maxi pads and those granny panties. Y’all, I was literally wearing granny girdle panties and had no idea until I was like 25.

I was introduced to tampons for the first time in college by my line sisters. But I always felt like I was using them incorrectly so I didn’t incorporate them into my monthly routine. I was also deadly afraid of getting toxic shock syndrome, which is ludicrous, but I was. Shortly after that introduction, I was on depo birth control for 5 years and NEVER had a period. It was great and I was worried free. Since most gynecologists recommend not staying on depo past 5 years I had to get off it. Then I was on the Mirena IUD for 5 years and with that I only experienced spotting. Again, I was completely worried free. But after my 5 years with Mirena, my period came back with a vengeance. It was like all the blood I was supposed to be dispelling over the past 5 years was all rushing out my body at once. I could not keep up with it. I was destroying my undergarments and clothes.

I was looking for solutions to period better. I wanted to be worry-free again. I tried Thinx period panties. “Period panties” are underwear that absorbs the blood and you don’t have to use a feminine product.  I really liked them but the only disadvantage is that you can only wear them a maximum of 4 hours. Then I discovered menstrual cups. I remembered hearing about them years ago because I read an article about a women prison looking to integrate them to cut down on the cost of feminine products.

A menstrual cups is a reusable silicone funnel or tulip like cup that you insert into your vagina during your period. They’ve been around for forever, since the 30s. However, not many people use them. In fact, when I share that I use them I usually get a look of disgust or confusion.

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But I am here to tell you that menstrual cups are the TRUTH. If you are not grossed out by your own bodily fluids then I guarantee that you’ll never go back.

There are several cups on the market but I purchased the Lunette cup only because it was the easiest size recommendation. Most cups ask your vaginal canal length or if you had a vaginal pregnancy and I ain’t got time for all of that. 

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Here are some pros and why I love it.

  • Sustainable & Lower cost – I no longer purchase feminine products. The lunette is designed to last for 10 years. That’s a long time to have to not worry about running out of products or adding to landfills.
  • No embarrassing odor
  • Use it up to 12 hours.  – I only have to change my cup twice a day. 
  • Healthy pH balance -Silicone is bacteria free and easy to clean. Many pads and tampons have chemicals that can affect your ph balance.

I don’t have any issues with insertion. I also do not have a problem with removal. I know it may seem yucky and messy to remove the cup filled with blood, but it’s not. The fact that you can wear it up to 12 hours can eliminate a little bit of the worry of using a public bathroom but you if you do, then just clean it with tissue.  

I never worry about my period anymore. I almost forget that I am on my period. I even sleep in the nude on my period. TMI, but it’s true. Worry-free again.

Have you experienced the menstrual cup or thinking about it and have questions? Let me know your thoughts.

16 thoughts on “Menstrual Cup Review

  1. I heard about menstrual cups a while ago but I never really look into it. Can you really change it only twice a day? My first day I feel like I have too much blood going on to only change that cup twice lol

  2. my daughter just started her cycle this weekend and when we were looking at sanitary napkins she asked me about the cups but I didnt know how they work and I told her she needed to wait and have a few cycles under her belt before we started looking into alternative methods. What are your thoughts on the cups for young girls?

    1. I think the cup may be too advanced for a young girl especially if she’s not familiar with using tampons. I agree with you that she should learn more about her body and period before she tries it.

  3. I have heard women rave about the menstrual cup. I have had a Mirena for the past 7+ years so I don’t have anything more than spotting. I will be devastatred when I have to deal with a regular cycle again.

  4. I only have 3 days out of a month to deal with this and they are the worse. I will definitely be looking into this because I am tired of tampons. Thank you for this solution.

  5. I’ve heard about these cups but my flow is HEAVY! I just fear it would be too messy, but this post has definitely got me thinking about using them now.

  6. I never heard of menstrual cups, and you did an excellent job of touting the benefits. I think a lot of women will benefit from this. I will pass the information along.

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