How you start and end your day can be paramount to your mental and emotional health. I believe you should have a morning routine that prepares you to center your heart and mind around the day’s journey, and an evening routine to help decompress and unwind. Over the years, my morning and evening routine has changed, but I always try to speak loving and affirming thoughts that keep me grounded and centered. Staying disciplined to a routine can be challenging, but I have found that when I am consistent and incorporate my affirmations, I’m more focused and less stressed. I have created a set of AM and PM affirmations that will help us keep our vibes in check. 


Today, I am grateful for breath in the body and an opportunity to see a new day rise. Today, I can be at peace because I am covered by God’s grace, love, and mercy. Everything I need to be successful is within me, as I use my full abilities, talents and skills to slay my goals. Today is full of endless opportunities and I will trust my intuition to lead me to abundance and prosperity. I’ve got this!


I am grateful for making it through another day. Today, I did my best. I am releasing the events of the day to God, as I entrust Him with all of my worries, fears and hurts. Because He handles them all, I will rest comfortably tonight, as I allow the healing and restorative power of sleep to bring me back to full vitality. I am blessed and loved. 

I hope you find these as affirming as I do. What is your morning and evening routine like? Do you use affirmations or give yourself a pep talk?

Downloadable PDF available below.

AM Affirmation

PM Affirmation