The intersectionality of being female and Black in the workplace can sometimes be too much to deal with. Micro aggression and outright blatant discrimination against your race and gender can really wear on your emotions and frame of mind. Sometimes you just wanna pop off and check everybody in your path. But that’s exactly what they want you to do. They press our buttons and lean on our last available nerve until we snap and they have a reason to say “See I told you so. She’s a problem.”

The key to not going upside your co workers, subordinates or your boss’s head is keeping a positive mindset. This is no easy feat so I have created a cute printable graphic for you to plaster in your cubicle, your desk, clipboard, or wherever your workspace is. Keep this visible so that you have a constant reminder of how fearless, strong, capable and just overall badass you are. Meditate on the words when you find yourself getting frustrated at work. I hope you find this helpful.