Dear Mama,
It wasn’t until I became an adult and moved away that I realized how I undervalued the need for you in my life. I guess most children under-appreciate and take for granted all that a mother does for them. But what I’ve always known since an early age is that there is no me without you. And I don’t mean the physical gestation of me but the spirit of me. My strength, resilience, and tenacity to keep going are all the qualities I learned from you. I’ve studied how you navigate through life with fortitude and grace and I hope to emulate that same swagger. One of the greatest gifts you could have given your children was introducing us to Christ. Because of the solid foundation you have set for us with God’s help, I can confidently tackle life’s challenges knowing I have the full backing of God and you by my side. When you have a good mom, like you, you take for granted the fact that not everyone has the same. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories of people who have bad experiences/relationships with their mothers. I realize that often times the sole difference that can make or break a person’s success is the mother standing in their corner. Not everyone can call themselves blessed in that way. Blessed to have a mother that loves and supports them. You’ve always been our biggest cheerleader. There at practices, games, recitals/performances and every notable moment of achievement. You encourage us to pursue our dreams and passions and take advantage of all the world has to offer. Even when we take missteps, we might hear your mouth about it, but you’re always there with loving arms. I know if ain’t nobody else got me in this world, I know my mama does.
I know you had dreams and desires before becoming a mom. Your daily sacrifices to ensure your children’s success, safety and overall well being do not go unnoticed. You are my backbone. Your love sustains me daily. And although it may not be verbally said often you are appreciated. Thank you for your encouragement, support, prayers, concerns, advice and love. You mean everything to me and I wanted you to know. I honor you. Happy Mother’s Day!