Y’all should know by now that I am a huge fan and supporter of Black women starting businesses, earning degrees, and those who are actively working to improve the overall quality of the people in our community. So when one of those sistas is a homegirl, I am extra hype about their work. My girl Chemia is one of those shining stars on the rise and I am excited to witness her journey. She’s a make-up artist, on-air personality, has her own podcast, voiceover talent and on top of the million and one things she has going on, Chemia, along with her friend Lydia, launched a subscription box service called Love Yours. I caught up with Chemia recently to ask her more about her subscription box service and how she keeps herself motivated. 

What was the inspiration behind Love Yours subscription box?

The inspiration behind Love Yours Box was to help other women, who may be feeling stuck, unmotivated, and overwhelmed.   We wanted to provide a service that reminded women no matter where they are in their personal journeys to always remember to LOVE YOURSELF MORE.  When Lydia and I met, she had just begun her entrepreneurial journey and I was stuck creatively. We both had dreams and aspirations of “living our best life”; during a brainstorming session we agreed to collaborate on a subscription box.  The goal was to create a quarterly experience that women everywhere would remember to love themselves wholly, inclusive of your body, journey, mind and sister. The premise is to be sure you’re well so you can continue to go hard for those you love. 

From a business perspective, a subscription box just made sense with Lydia’s e-commerce success in fashion and online business consulting, and my experience as a radio personality and makeup artist.

What differentiates your brand from other subscription boxes?

Love Yours Box is different from other subscription boxes because we curate products for women by women. Additionally, we are Black women using our expertise to curate boxes that encourage women to love their journey, mind, body and sister.  We really try to hone in on women-owned beauty, self-care, skincare and wellness brands. That way we are truly loving our sister by exposing other women to their products. We also prefer to collaborate with brands that create all-natural products. 

Quarterly, we curate an experience that we like to call “Unbox and Unwind”.  Each box is filled with at least 5 products that women can use to curate their own self-care rituals.  Additionally, with every box we curate a playlist that features songs promoting self-love, positivity, and good vibes.

Lastly, a portion of our annual proceeds is donated to Days for Girl International, an organization that prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual health solutions for girls who would otherwise miss school while on their monthly period.  

What do you do for self-care and self-motivation?

Personally, I love my weekends.  That time is so sacred to me because I work 12 hours Monday-Friday, so my Saturday and Sunday can only be occupied doing something that I love.  In some cases, I’ll listen to inspirational podcasts, binge watch my favorite television shows and do makeup. Applying a full-face of makeup is so therapeutic for me. I love recreating looks and trying out new products to perfect my craft.  Lately, I’ve made it a point to schedule a bi-monthly massage appointment to relieve tensions and relax. I also love spending time with my 4-year old niece. She’s so much fun and reminds me to truly enjoy life’s moments. Lastly, who can turn down a glass of wine with a good book on a rainy evening?  That’s self-care right there!box

Love Yours is a quarterly subscription box curated in the spirit of love and service. Each box is filled with beauty, wellness and lifestyle products that encourage women to embrace their best selves. Each box is centered around a theme of

Love Your Journey

Love Your Body

Love Your Mind

Love You Sister


Signing up for a subscription was a no brainer because our brands and mission so closely align. I was able to get one of the last few summer boxes and had an unbox and unwind session. Below are my goodies. 

Gaffer and Child – Shaving Butter $32.00

 Elevated Scentz Luxury Home Fragrance – “Sundress Season” $12.99

 Lauryn’s Garden – Rose Lip Glaze $15.00

 EA Nail Polish $8.00

 Mikel Kristi Botanical Purifying Wash $25.00

More details about the box HERE

What I love the most about the box is that you get 5-7 full-size products with a value of $100 or more for only $40. That’s a great deal if you ask me. Prior to this, I didn’t have a desire to sign up for a subscription box service because I didn’t have the disposable income for a monthly subscription and I didn’t want to accumulate a bunch of unused products. But the Love Yours box is something I can manage.

And because Chemia is my people and y’all are my people, I was able to get us a 10% discount on the box using the code BlackGirlAffirmed. Click on my link below for your discount and to get your summer box while supplies last!