At the beginning of the year (ha, that was only last month), I made the intentional decision to not involve myself in a romantic relationship. I did not want to invest my time and energy into anything more than what I have already piled on my plate this year. I felt like I needed to get my career and finances back on track before I could focus on love. I thought I wouldn’t have enough emotional energy to support a partner and their needs because I needed to keep all my attention and energy on myself and rebuilding me. Selfish huh? However, as of late, I’ve realized that this completely goes against my prayer and desire to surrender all aspects of my life over to God. That should and must include my love life.

I’ll be honest with you and admit that I never really prayed about my love life. It was something I was just haphazardly going through the motions of. I would say of the men I’ve dated for the past 7 years, I never intended for them to be long-term or thought of them as marriage material. I was completely ok with just dating for the hell of it. Everything moving forward has to be intentional and purposeful, including dating. Maybe God intends to bring someone who can help make the everyday burdens of life a little lighter this year. Please God, let him be over 6ft, no kids, make six figures and look like Michael B. Jordan! I’m joking. #notreallytho

But seriously though, I am praying for more discernment about the men I allow into my life. One thing I am certain of is that no matter who comes and goes into my life, or whether I will be married or single, I will always be fulfilled, always have joy in my heart because of the love of Jesus Christ. And I know if nobody else loves me in this lifetime, Christ and my mama do.

How’s your dating life going? Have you prayed about your love life?

Holy Spirit,

I pray for your wisdom when it comes to my love life and who I allow myself to be connected with romantically. Swiftly remove anyone who is not serious about Your love or has negative intentions. Help me to recognize through discernment the one who You have intended for me and open my heart to receive him. In the meantime, help me to stay in perfect peace with my mind and heart-centered around You and Your will. Amen!