I’ve been trying to decide what to write, that would add value to the already troths of conversation concerning: 

Police brutality

White privilege 

Systemic racism

Riots and looting




I am exhausted about it all. I talked about my experience at work in the latest post

I don’t know what to do or what to say anymore. I am tired of having the conversation, tired of reading op-eds, and seeing the social media posts. I wondered if I was suppressing my feelings, or if it’s self-preservation. I began to feel a tinge of guilt; I should still have the energy to keep myself immersed in the fight. Then, I realized that rest is a form of resistance.  It’s important to take care of yourself. Self-preservation is self-care. The enemy wants us tired so that we aren’t able to think or to act. 

I may not have anything profound to say on the aforementioned topics, but I want to remind both you and me of a few things.

It’s ok to be tired of hearing about the story. 

It’s ok to not want to talk about it.

It’s ok to take a break from it all. 

It’s ok to take a day off from work. 

It’s ok to keep working.

It’s ok to not have an opinion about it all. 

It’s ok to be angry.

It’s ok to be sad.

It’s ok to smile, laugh and seek joy during this time. 

It’s ok to not smile.

It’s ok to feel pain. 

It’s ok to question God. 

It’s ok to just be.

Take a break. Rest your mind. Heal your heart. Then pick back up the fight when you are ready.