“Living my best life” and “living my life like it’s golden” are two of my favorite sayings at the moment. These mantras motivate, inspire and serve as a reminder that life is a blessing and shouldn’t be squandered or wasted. Circumstances and people in life can bring us down and can negatively change our attitudes and perspectives. But what I’ve learned in this season of life is the power of intentionally setting your mind to think positive and affirmative is the key to living your best life even in not ideal situations. Choosing to count blessings and not troubles are the keys to living an unfettered life. Below are two ways to ensure you’re living your best life.
Mind Your Own Business – I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed people get physically or emotionally hurt because they stuck their noses in someone else’s drama or situation. I bet 90% of problems would be solved if everyone was concerned about themselves only. I don’t mean in a neglecting humanity because “we are our brother’s keeper” way. I mean in “don’t come for me unless I send for you”. Do your best to keep unsolicited comments and opinions to yourself. Even if you think you are being helpful. If someone wants your opinion they’ll ask for it.

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On the flip side, keep your business to yourself. You don’t have to share every detail of your life with every person in your life. Most people who invite themselves into your business got there because you left the door open. When you volunteer the details of your life with everybody then you open yourself up to other people’s opinions and judgments. Which leads me to my next point…
Be Free of Other People’s Opinions – Most of the people I admire are keenly self-aware and confident in who they are. They are not easily swayed or offended. It’s a higher level of self-love and care I aspire to. This type of elevation means you can’t get your feelings hurt easily because someone has a negative opinion or makes a judgment on your lifestyle, appearance, job, or love life. When you know who you are and Whose you are then you move effortlessly and carefree through the world because you’re not seeking other’s validation or approval. You simply don’t care about what other’s think. Think about the opportunities you missed out on because you let someone else speak fear into your life with their opinions. Don’t ever let someone’s limited thinking limit you. Not even your close friends or family. As long as you are not a detriment to yourself or others and what you have going on makes you happy then continue doing you.

You only have one opportunity at life. No one can live it for you. It’s your responsibility to ensure your happiness. Living your best life is an awareness that you’re doing what you can with what you got. At times life is not all perfect and it’s not all horrible neither. But you have the power to make sure that it’s all good all the time.