In the I Made It post I wrote about the growth and maturation I’ve experienced during a challenging 2018. The Bible says that our suffering produces perseverance and perseverance builds character. Let me assure you, that I’m building a mountain of character. This character development has helped to foster a greater sense of gratefulness, joy, and peace. The journey to finding peace and contentment is not an easy one and it can’t be traversed overnight.

Therefore, when you achieve this level of enlightenment it’s important to protect that energy because you will need it to sustain through future challenges. It would be a shame to do all the work necessary to enlighten and fulfill your spirit and then have someone or something come along and disrupt it.

The disruption of your peace can happen so easily. The Devil doesn’t want anyone to be at peace or whole. He will send any and every form of weaponry to throw you off your game. It can be as simple as someone cutting you off in traffic. A coworker or client getting on your nerves. A barista who gets your coffee order wrong. Any trivial act such as these can set you off and have your whole day out of sorts.

Don’t allow that to happen this year. Don’t let other people drain your energy. When you feel your energy has been thrown off or in jeopardy of being disrupted then it’s important to refocus immediately.  Here are some steps to get realign and protect your energy.

Align yourself with the right people and build a support network. This may require cutting certain people out of your lives. Even those closest to you. However, when it’s not possible to cut toxic people from your life then you should create boundaries and communicate them clearly. It’s also important to not surrogate for other people’s energies. A lot of times we absorb the feelings and emotions of those we love and care for. So when they are feeling sad or bad we want to take on those feelings to help relieve them or make them feel better.

When triggered, take deep breaths. Although it may seem like a simple and easy task, taking deep deliberate breaths are a great way to relieve stress. Consider taking a break by going for a walk or removing yourself from the scene of disruption. As you are taking your break, say a prayer or repeat some short affirmations in between your breaths. I find these helpful.

I am in complete charge of my emotions.

I only allow positive thoughts and energies to flow through me.

I release all negative and toxic attachments to ….

If you find your energy is being drained because of your daily schedule and responsibilities, consider a change or ask others for help. When you use your energy to complete the tasks you enjoy, you’re more effective, efficient, creative and of better service to others.

Schedule a day of self-care. In the mental health post, Sh’Niqua Alford, LCSW highlights the importance of taking time to decompress and relieve stress. “Practicing self-care is vital to managing your own mental health,” says Alford. Get a massage, do a physical activity or anything to release endorphins.

Remember to always choose yourself. Always protect your spiritual, emotional and well being.