Ever since Ciara’s hit song, “Level Up” debuted last summer, it has become a popular hashtag and phrase, used by many to express an advancement in life or career. Whenever someone gets a new job or promotion, new boo thang, car, or even lose a few pounds, then they’re leveling up.

Acquiring material possessions is only a fraction of what it means to level up. Leveling up is an entire process. True elevation requires hard work, desire, and dedication to be and do better. Succession to the next level requires shedding old/bad habits, being honest and real with yourself, discipline, and unwavering faith and endurance to face obstacles and challenges. The application of wisdom is imperative to the leveling up process.

About a year ago I was cleaning my room and found a bunch of my old journals. As I read through them, I became upset with myself because I felt like I was bemoaning the same things for years. I was still dealing with the same insecurities and anxieties.I didn’t see any growth. I was so disappointed in myself. I felt like I was making improvements, but in actuality, I was just circling the same wagon. I realized that I needed to change up my way of thinking in order for me to be better.

I ripped up every single page and trashed them. I developed a plan that could help me make sustainable changes to my life. I created a prayer wall with bible verses, affirmations, and prayers.  I needed something visual to help me stay motivated and to remind me of the challenges I was working through, and how to combat them spiritually. Whenever I was feeling down about my circumstances or insecurities, I’d referred to my wall to help quell the anxiety.

I’m meditating on affirming myself more and loving myself better. What I am discovering is that when anxieties start to raise up, I am able to check and defeat them quicker than I’d been able to do previously. It’s truly helping me to intentionally stay grounded, and hold myself accountable.

A person can’t become an expert by only learning or doing something once. In the same sense, we can not expect to be the best versions of ourselves without the application of wisdom in fostering real growth. The work must be intentional, practiced and deliberate, or else it won’t stick. Sometimes we will have to experience the same challenges multiple times until we get it right.

It can be difficult to measure growth and maturation. I started BGA to serve as not only an outlet for myself, but for us to grow together. I’m not really interested in you leveling up by gaining more material possessions. Those are great rewards for hard work, but I want us to elevate to a higher plane spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I want us to all level up by building confidence, creating boundaries, removing toxicity from our lives, cultivating a solid support system, letting go, trusting God, and living our best lives all day every day.

How are you making sure you level up emotionally, spiritually, and mentally?

level up