Leveling Up and the Application of Wisdom

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18 thoughts on “Leveling Up and the Application of Wisdom

  1. Yaas I love that song as well! I am also working on affirmations as well as doing more self care things!

  2. I found a journal of mine from a few years ago and sometimes I think I haven’t come that far and then I read those journals and I’m like yasss I have come a long way. That was the start of me doing daily affirmations

    1. I am glad you saw the progress in your journals. I wasn’t holding myself accountable in mine and thus the application of learned experiences weren’t sticking with me.

  3. I make sure I go to therapy monthly and do the work outside of my sessions. It has been a true game changer for me. Great blog post!!!

  4. Great post! Self care is truly more than taking care of the external… it’s a constant job to make sure you’re taking care of mind, body and spirit

  5. Great Post! I’m going to start going back to Counseling because it helped so much. And I usually go on a fast from secular music and get back into reading my devotionals and a lot of times that helps me!

  6. There is so much wisdom in this piece. I especially liked “staying grounded and accountable.”

  7. I am definitely leveling up spiritually. I want to break every generational curse that was ever passed down in my family and stop it with me.

  8. This song was my anthem for awhile. I am leveling up on multiple levels but I need to take more time to reflect.

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