For years, I felt like I was “planning” my life incorrectly. I would write down my visions and goals and then go about them haphazardly. There was no real planning or intentionality behind it and when things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, I would be left stuck on stupid. Therefore my actions were fruitless and a waste of time. When I lost my job, I was forced to really sit down and assess the how and why I felt lost and confused, and why I wasn’t in the position I thought or hoped I would be in. Many of us experience an existential crisis at one point in our lives. During mine, I was forced to be more intentional about my goals and – most importantly – include God in the decision-making process. For me, I came to the understanding that the best-laid plans mean nothing without first connecting with God.  

Proverbs 16:9 A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.

If I believe in God’s sovereignty over my life, then why wouldn’t I seek Him first in making the plans? Duh! It’s a no brainer that I should have connected with Him first. God gives us free will to make our own decisions. But I’ve tried it my way for so long and I’m tired and running out of time and resources to be continuing to not do this another way. His way. Since I started to implement this into my goal planning, things have definitely changed for the better. So it’s my prayer for all of you that your spirit, emotions, career, relationships, and finances align with God’s destiny so that you may be prosperous.

Trying to sort out your vision and goals takes time and attentiveness. Below are 5 ways in which you can get started to align your goals and vision with God.

Prayer and Fasting Even though God’s sovereignty governs over our lives, He wants us to be in an open dialogue with Him about our wants and needs. Prayer allows for the opportunity to speak with Him directly. Fasting allows us time to listen to His plan to ascertain His will and surrender to it. When you’re fasting you’re denying or sacrificing that which keeps you distracted from getting closer to God. Denying your flesh allows one to fully focus and rely on Him to get you through. During this time, one should work on drawing closer to God so that you’re better aligned with Him. One of your goals should be to be clearer, more focused and hopefully have a revelation or plan that will transform your life.

Write It Down When God gives you a vision during your time of prayer and fasting it’s important to write it down IMMEDIATELY.  Post your vision and goals in a spot in which you will see it daily so that it serves as a reminder and motivation of what you should be pressing toward the mark for. Vision boards are a great way to creatively display your vision.  

Think Categorically and Be Specific  Your goals are a list of tasks needed to be accomplished so that your vision is manifested. To help you refine your goals, it’s important to divide them into categories. For example, categories such as health, career, finances, etc…  Once you have your categories lined out, create specific goals under each. So under health, you may have ‘lose 10 pounds’, ‘workout 3-5 times a week’, ‘drink 8oz of water daily’. Get it!? When trying to work out how you’re going to bring your vision to fruition, it’s important to stay organized and have a system in place to help you gauge progress. Having specific, measurable goals is the perfect way to do so.

Seek Wise Counsel  No one reaches the top alone. God connects us with people for a reason. Use them!! If there is something you need help improving upon, a new skill you need to learn or need the advice of an expert or mentor then go to them to help you grow. Pray that God put the right people in your life at the right times. 

Dream and Think Big!  Don’t limit yourself! If God places a vision on your heart then trust Him to see you to it no matter how big or out of reach it may seem. With His help you have everything thing you need in order to be great. Be your biggest supporter and cheerleader. Don’t look at other people’s failures, or even your own past failures keep you from achieving your dream. Most importantly don’t let the devil infiltrate your mind with naysayers, insecurities or obstacles. Remember, you have already talked to God about your dream so if He has given to you then it will come to pass!