Learning To Accept Your Flaws

Social media is arguably one of the greatest tools created. It has cultivated several paths and opportunities for entrepreneurship and career advancement. It is a great way to share and keep in touch with friends and family across the globe. It allows you to network and meet new people and experience different cultures. It really is a great invention. However, to a person who already struggles with insecurities, social media can magnify these things and will have you spiraling down a negative wormhole fast. One scroll through your timeline will have you believe that everyone is better looking, in better shape, wealthier or more put together than you are. Your flaws appear to be magnified when you compare and judge yourself against others. Anyone can present themselves as perfect and #flawless on social media. But guess what, no one on God’s green earth is perfect. We all have flaws, weaknesses, and make mistakes. Contrary to what many may have you believe, this is not a bad thing. Whether your struggle is physical, mental or emotional, the only way to overcome your flaw is to acknowledge and embrace it.

Decide if your flaw is something you can and want to change about yourself. Accepting your flaws is not the same as saying “Oh well, that’s just how I am, take it or leave it!” Some flaws, like having a bad temper or always being late, are not cool. Ask yourself: is my behavior negatively impacting others? If it does, then you should really try your hardest to correct it. If you are unsure, then ask those closest to you. Find folks who accept you wholly — those who aren’t trying to change you or judge you for your flaws. Find people who can add strength to your weakness.

On the flip side, just because you have a flaw doesn’t necessarily mean you should change it. Having a sarcastic wit or an “imperfect” body feature doesn’t negate a need for change. Some of our flaws make us uniquely set apart from others and to change it would mean to change the essence of who you are.  

Most of the people I admire are keenly self-aware. They know exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are and what they like and what they don’t. Take a step back and look at an overall objective point of view of who you are. Often times you will see that the good about you outweighs the bad. Struggling with your flaws should not consume you nor your energy.  I know it’s very difficult to accept something that is perceived to be negative about yourself, but the only way to truly love yourself and live positively in the present is to love all parts of you — good, bad and the ugly.

When you know what your flaws are, you gain strength in the awareness of yourself. You are not easily impressed and you don’t feel pressured to try and impress others or try to measure up to others’ barometers of success. Everyone has room for improvement but when you know yourself, YOU will always be enough.


8 thoughts on “Learning To Accept Your Flaws

  1. Thanks for this loving and gentle reminder about the power in accepting yourself and the journey that self awareness and self improvement can take you on….

  2. I loved this! I’ve saidnitbbefore and I’ll say it againoat people arent broadcasting their faults on social media. They want you to believe they are perfect. Most of us don’t have it all together and have a flaw or two but embracing that and deciding if it is something to change or work on for your self is all that really matters.

  3. I used to compare myself to other people on social media. I’ve now reached a point in my life where I accept who I am, but working to change some parts I am capable of changing. Thanks for this post!

  4. There is so much power in owning what you deem as your flaws. The darkness within us cannot thrive in light so we have to let it be known to take hold of it and control our narratives! Great post – I loved it!

  5. Social media is the devil when it comes to appearance. No one flaunts their flaws making everything seem perfect. We wouldn’t be human if we weren’t flawed. Embracing those flaws are is a step to self love and owning that we are not perfect.

  6. Love this post! I totally agree that we should always try strive to be better versions of ourselves; Not because of what anyone else thinks, but solely because you want to be a better you. If anything, I think that we should try to find the positivity in social media. Like try following accounts that inspire you and make you want to do better. If you don’t get that feeling when certain accounts pop up on your page, unfollow them. I agree with you that it’s important to surround ourselves with as much positivity as possible!


  7. Im guilty of seeing people on social media and wanting to have the things they have in their life and all it brings me is frustration. I start to feel down about myself and I know I should be that way at all. Im blessed in other ways so I really should compare my life with others. Thank you for sharing!

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